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At Southern Crane, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. We believe safety is the number one priority. ​
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We continuously improve our procedures and practices to foster an incident and injury free work environment, and we encourage our operators to further their knowledge and education in the crane industry through licensing and certification. Additionally, our employees adhere to strict safety standards provided by OSHA, MSHA, NCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators,) and the CISB (Crane Inspection & Service Bureau). Our operators are required to pass yearly crane operation and qualification tests, and we regularly review their knowledge to ensure our equipment is operated and maintained safely and efficiently.


Southern Crane provides for the safety of our personnel as well as the safety of you, our customer. Because safety is at the core value of our company, our fleet is properly maintained, serviced and inspected to meet or exceed industry and government requirements and standards.


Our crane operators are held to the highest industry standards. Each of our operators must complete the following certifications before taking any jobs.


  • Telescoping Boom Certification
    • The operator must show proficiency with telescoping boom mobile cranes, including under 21-ton fixed or rotating cabs, 21-75-ton fixed or rotating cabs and over 75-ton rotating cabs.

  • Multi-Purpose Crane Certification
    • The operator must show proficiency while using articulating boom cranes and service/mechanic truck cranes.


Our riggers are held to the highest industry standards. Each of our operators must complete the following certifications before taking any jobs.


  • Rigger Certification
    • The operator must show proficiency using slings, rigging hardware, basic hitch configurations, knots and taglines, sling protection, crane operations and limitations, crane capacities, site considerations, hazard and safety protocols, and voice communication.​

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  • Master Rigger Certification
    • The operator must show proficiency in estimating load weights, estimating center of gravity, identifying lift points and mating of rigging equipment, determining and selecting rigging based on load share, proper load control techniques, complex hitch configurations, tensions based on rigging angles, rigging equipment capacities, load integrity, and the planning and execution of routine and non-routine lifts, in addition to proficiency in areas covered in the Rigger Certification.


Southern Crane conducts regular reviews on all operators to ensure every team member exhibits mastery of all necessary skills, in addition to strict Department of Transportation medical evaluations. Operators are also subject to annual and random drug screening.


Southern Crane also takes every step to ensure the safety of all equipment. All cranes are subject to pre-trip daily Department of Transportation inspections, and every crane is inspected and certified annually by an outside crane inspection firm.


For more information about the types of certifications and training that the Southern Crane team goes through, visit

The Safest Personnel Basket 
All personnel baskets exceed ASME B30.20 and OSHA regulations.
  • Sides enclosed with solid metal to the intermediate rail, grab rail on entire perimeter

  • Solid, removable roof design

  • Permanent tie-off points for materials and tools 

  • Non-slip, diamond plate steel floor

  • Inward swing, self-closing access door locks automatically, plus heavy-duty hinge and latch and standard​​

  • Equipped with RFID chip for material tracking and inspections

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