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Before You Rent a Crane, Keep in Mind...

Crane rental may be an essential component of your upcoming construction, installation, or tree removal project. When considering equipment and operators for rent on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis from a crane company, you will want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your crane rental to arrive. Scoping out a job site, in order to plan and prepare, is always a good practice and we can help. Let’s take a closer look at how you can ensure a safe lift that may save your project time and money.

Project Workflow - Knowing the weight of what we are lifting, as well as, the path and distance it needs to travel are important. Since weight and distance have the most impact on cost, we advise clients on the most efficient path and we always provide the right crane for the job. Plan ahead and rent early to ensure the crane you need is available when you need it.

Crane Footprint - With so many details to consider, don’t forget about the where the crane will fit on your job site and how it will reach that location. Understanding the crane’s dimensions is critical to a quality setup.

Your Crew - Projects with a competent signal personal and rigging crew always run smoother and faster. Safety drives what we do and if the rigging to the crane hook isn’t right, we’ll ask you to redo it. We take full responsibility for the cargo when the crane lifts. Avoid simple rigging mistakes that can slow your project down by hiring a rigging and signal crew with know-how. If you need to hire a crew, we can help with that too!

If you have any doubt about your lift, rigging, job site just give us a call. We often go look at the work prior to showing up with the crane.  If our clients are successful then so are we!

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