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Hazards to Avoid

No matter what type of project you are taking on or what kind of environment you work in, safety should always be a primary concern. When it comes to construction and other projects that may require the use of a crane rental in Georgia, safety becomes particularly important because of the potential loss of life and limb. This is why anyone who works in the crane rental industry should have clear safety guidelines and requirements to follow for their own good and the sake of their coworkers.
Keep your work-site safe with Southern Crane Co.
Keep your work-site safe with Southern Crane Co.

Whether you are completing a commercial contracting job, a highway contracting project, or some other task that involves the use of a crane rental in Georgia, it’s important for you to use a certified crane operator. A knowledgeable crane operator will:

  • keep your work-site safe

  • know what to do when problems arise

  • be able to complete your project as safely and quickly as possible

Hazards to AvoidOverhead electrical lines- According to OSHA half of all overhead crane accidents are electrical related. Just keep away! Overloading the capacity of the crane- OSHA reports, 80 percent of all crane upsets and structural failures can be attributed to exceeding the crane’s operational capacity. Working under the load / Materials falls- Falling materials is a major concern at any workplace or job site using overhead cranes.
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